giovedì 22 novembre 2007


Campagne che vale la pena approfondire: Tangoed. Axe (Lynx). Ipod. I meta-ad: it's a big ad (vedi su youtube). Central Beeher.

Oppure trovare o ritrovare spunti qui(dalle 100 campagne di channel four)
1 Guinness – Surfers featuring music by Leftfield and Afrika Bambaataa (1999)

3 You've been Tango'd/Orange Man (1991)

6 Nick Kamen takes off his Levi's in the launderette, accompanied by Marvin Gaye's I Heard It Through The Grapevine (1985)

8 Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet/Bach's Air On A G String (from 1964)

10 Impulse – a woman fancies a man, who turns out to be gay. Features Female Of The Species by Space and a cameo by Quentin Crisp (1998)

12 Renault Clio – Papa and Nicole (1991)

14 British Telecom – Maureen Lipman is impressed with her grandson's ology (1988)
15 Nike Featuring Ian Wright, Eric Cantona, David Seaman and Blur's Park Life (1997)
16 Coca Cola – I'd Like To Teach the World To Sing, performed by the New Seekers (1971)
17 I bet he drinks Carling Black Label/Dambusters starring Steve Frost and Mark Arden (1989)

21 Ferrero Rocher served up at the ambassador's reception (1995)
29 Heineken – Elocution lessons/The water in Majorca (1985)
30 A panda takes a break with a Kit Kat (1989)

32 The long-lasting Duracell bunny (1981)

35 Martini – Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere (1971)

44 The Esso tiger (1964 onwards)

55 Nine out of 10 cats prefer Whiskas (1975)
56 Fiat – Handbill by Robots (1979)

61 Maxell Tapes – Me Ears Are Alight/The Israelites (1989)
62 British Airways – Face, made by Hugh Hudson in Utah for £2 million featuring 6,000 children (1989)

64 Schweppes – Shh... You Know Who, says William Franklyn (1963)

67 Sony – The armchair fantasy sequence. (1995)
68 British Gas shares – If You See Sid, Tell Him (1986)
69 Dunlop – Tested for the Unexpected. Features Venus In Furs by the Velvet Underground (1993)

5 commenti:

Pastor Bonus ha detto...

Io mi giocherei una case history sulla campagna "Your Potential.Our Passion" della microsoft.
Va bien?

angelo ha detto...

Pastor: a me non piace particolarmente, però aspetto di vedere la case history

Pastor Bonus ha detto...

Bum. Ucciso in partenza.

angelo ha detto...

Pastor: ucciso no, diciamo ferito lievemente.

stefania ha detto...

come già accennatto al ptof nel precedente mi occupo della case history di Guiness