giovedì 17 luglio 2008


Creative Beef posted some classical advertising lies. They are absolutely true.

• This is the last change, I swear.

• I’ll make sure you get full credit for your idea.

• The meeting went really, really well.

• It’s got to go out by noon.

• These changes are from the client.

• The new insurance plan will offer you better care for less money.

• The client wants a totally edgy idea.

• It’s software from home. Yes, I have a license.

• If you have any questions, feel free to contact the IT department.

• There’s no more money.

• Don’t worry about the budget.

• The client loves the idea.

• So many people had input. It’s hard to say whose idea it was.

• We’ve done a ton of research.

• We’re really excited about these concepts.

• I’ll be with you in just a minute.

• I stayed up till two working on the layout.

• I’ll have done in an hour.

• I worked ALL weekend.

• Rough layouts are fine.

• The client just wants to see what it looks like.

• We presented the agency’s recommendation to the client.

• It’s just a small change.

• If we do that, the ad will totally fail.

• We’ll make the changes.

• Your job is safe.

• We’re working on it right now.

• You never mentioned that at the meeting.

• I did not approve that.

• I timed it. The script is exactly 30 seconds long.

• I was checking out the client’s website.

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