martedì 8 luglio 2008


From 101 great goals: The typical method of promoting the new (overpriced) strip is to have the club’s star player model the new clobber, plastering the posters all over the place for maximum exposure.But Ajax have shown that they can think out of the box for their official new kit launch, releasing a brilliant advert to showcase their new threads. Filmed live, Ajax chose to release their kit in the Leidseplein in Amsterdam earlier this week, using real people as a marketing tool.
At midday a referee ran into the middle of the Leidseplein and blew his whistle. Suddenly, around 200 men descended onto the official, all wearing the new Ajax strip, simulating a mixture of goal celebrations and reactions to the full time whistle. The innocent onlookers, who were initially startled by the events, slowly cottoned on to what was happening, with the 200 men offering to swap their shirts with the crowd.

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