martedì 15 luglio 2008


Publicize the grand opening of the HomePlus Supermarket branch in Chamsil district. This particular branch was connected directly to the Chamsil subway station. Since LotteMart, a rival supermarket chain, already had a store close to the subway station, agressive and effective camapign was neccesary to put the grand opening of the HomePlus Chamsil branch in the spotlight. Stickers were applied to the subway station pillars in order to make them look like life-size HomePlus supermarket stands. The intended effect was to make the people entering the subway station feel like they were stepping into the HomePlus supermarket. HomePlus outdoor campaign began a month before the store opening. No TV/Print ads were carried out for HomePlus. As a result of this unique outdoor campaign, the sales for the opening day exceeded the expected sales by 550%.

Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, Korea
Executive Creative Director: Ina Choi
Creative Director: Yooshin Lee
Copywriter: Jungho Hwang / Sua Lee
Art Director: Kangwook Lee / Chaehoon Lee / Yooho Lee / Sanghun Yoo
Illustrator: Bom Communication

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