lunedì 21 luglio 2008


This commercial, realized by AMV BBDO London for Snickers,
is under attack. Garfield, the adage critic, thinks it's homofobic, and is adressing a request to John Wren, CEO of Omnicom, of pulling the ad:
'Since you are the executive ultimately in charge of both TBWA and BBDO, I ask you: How could you be so insensitive, how could you be so shallow, and how could you be so mean?
Are you so bereft, of ideas and simple humanity, that you must be reduced to stereotyping and bullying? That you must identify an "other" to ridicule, or worse? That you must build a brand on the backs of people who have harmed no one save for challenging a high-school locker-room standard of masculinity?
Stop the dehumanizing stereotypes. Stop the jokey violence. There is no place in advertising for cruelty. Pull the campaign. Do it now. Then tell your agencies how to behave. Or else.'

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