mercoledì 18 giugno 2008


I personally don't like the Gorilla Cadbury commercial. Ok, it's very lateral, surprising, and viral, but t's more a gag than an idea, there's no real link to the product, and it works only the first time you see it. But a lot of bloggers and reviewers consider it the probable winner.

I love the whole Halo 3 campaign. It's a masterpiece. They transformed a videogame in a epic story.

And I can hardly resist to sony bravia Play doh. New York invaded by the colors of thousands of play-doh rabbits is so beautiful and touching. And the making of adds a new dimension to the creative idea.

Last but not least, I find the Diamond Shreddies campaign absolutely delicious - a joke about the marketing sophistication that is a lesson for all of us. But I dont' believe it could win.

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