giovedì 5 giugno 2008


Honda has launched its new campaign, "difficult is worth doing", with this live ad, created by 4Creative and shot in Spain, and only aired on Channel Four in the UK at 20:10 UK time (21:10 Spanish time) on May 29th 2008. 19 skydivers had three minutes and 20 seconds to spell out the word Honda.

Channel 4 said the ad break drew an average of 2.2m individual viewers; it began with 2.1m viewers at 20.10pm and ended with 2.3m viewers at 20.13pm. The broadcaster estimated the audience for the ad grew by 8% during its live transmission.

Unfortunately, a plane used in the filming crashed in Spain a day after filming was completed, reportedly killing the pilot and a skydiver.

Following the live ad, the campaign continued on Sunday with the main Wieden & Kennedy-created TV ad, called "jump".

"Jump" was filmed in the Mojave Desert, California, and features a large team of skydivers attempting to form shapes in the sky that hint at the new technologies on the Honda Accord, including a suspension spring, a camera, a steering wheel and ultimately the word "Accord".

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