giovedì 26 giugno 2008


The discussion is raising, after the discovery of another winning scam ad at CannesLions 2008. And this time it appears to be more than a simple 'fake'. The whole story is told by Adland. 'The awesome "Tension" film with it's extra tense banging storytelling is a fake ad - says not one, but three little Indian birdies to me. "Fake" by way of never actually airing, that is. However, there's another angle to this besides the usual calls of "scam ad!" - I've seen this film before!'
There is a comment that hit me: 'Dabitch and others (the adlanders), what percent of ads that won at Cannes are fake or scam ads? 80%? 70%? 50%?'
This is the real problem: does Cannes represent the real advertising industry, or it is a festival of fake creativity?

Neo Sport. Tension

Ogilvy, Mumbai
Executive Creative Director: Piyush Pandey
Creative Director: Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar
Copywriter: Ramamurthy S/Vinod Sudheer/Gururaj Rao/Sweta Ghorawat
Agency Producer: Deepa Limaye
Account Supervisor: Indraneel Guha/Heval Patel
Production Company, City: NIRVANA FILMS, Bangalore
Country: INDIA
Producer: Mekala Krishnaswamy
Director: Prakash Varma
D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman: P.S Vinod
Editor: Sally Salgaonkar
Sound Design/Arrangement: Darshan VG (Famous Studios)/Anandh Ranganathan
Post Production: Nirvana Films