giovedì 9 ottobre 2008


The Diesel XXX Party, announced weeks ago by a pornish viral video started in Italy with this Dirty Dance in Piazza del Duomo, Milan. Tomorrow, and only tomorrow, october 10th, at 10 am, a limited edition of the Dirty Thirty denim will be available in the best 160 Diesel stores around the world. On october 11th the XXX Party will take place in 17 cities.

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Christian Harris ha detto...

I know, I know... unfortunately I'll be graduating tomorrow morning and on saturday night there's the graduation party of one my friend. It would have been great to partecipate to both the event. Diesel is making a great work this time. We'll see.

Anonimo ha detto...

Bravo bravo bravo!...rendilo pure "viral" così nessuno riuscirà a comprare una funchia!

Wuthering Daniele ha detto...

Dopo 400 anni sono tornati gli untori della peste in Piazza Duomo, vedo.

LaV ha detto...

Io ho lavorato per 4 giorni al "limited edition Dirty Thirty denim", dal 6 al 9...nonostante i miei compagni di corso si ostinino a pensare ke io abbia distribuito semplicemente cotton fioc!!!
Vi voglio bene lo stesso!

Matteo ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Matteo ha detto...

No public exhibition of genitalia... not even a booby hopping out of a bra.

not so spicy, in the end! ;)

The 70's-like viral video was funny, but i get no audio!! :°°°°

any way, someone passed me a link weeks ago... it showed a site where you could get "safe porn-pictures for work"... it was a humouristic site, where the pics had been modified EXACTLY in the "sloppy"/funny way Diesel did with its video.

I wonder which of the two came first!

Viv ha detto...

Ma qualcuno alla fine è riuscito ad accaparrarsi un paio di jeans????