martedì 21 ottobre 2008


Another Apple 'Get A Mac' ad about PC trying to budget Vista by putting more money in advertising then in fixing Vista.
A comment found on youtube: Hey Apple, how about "fix" Iphone's 3G instead of spending all that money on advertising? Or "fix" Ipod batteries?

Client: Apple
Agency: TBWAMedia Arts Lab
Chief Creative Officer: Lee Clow
Executive Creative Director: Duncan Milner,
Eric Grunbaum
Creative Director: Jason Sperling
ACD/Senior Art Director: Chuck Monn,
Jamie Reilly
Senior Copywriter: Kevin Tenglin,
Krista Wicklund
Production Company: Epoch Films
Director: Phil Morrison

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Matteo ha detto...

I've got a bias against both Apple and MS... but the idea is great, and the ad is brilliant and neat...

apple 1 - MS 0