sabato 17 maggio 2008


Boards Online: SIX BLACK PENCILS AWARDED AT D&AD Fallon, London’s much-discussed “Gorilla” for Cadbury picked up a Black Pencil for TV/cinema at the 2008 D&AD Awards Ceremony Thursday night. This is the first time in D&AD’s 45-year history that six Black Pencils have been awarded. The other winners were Milk “Get The Glass” by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Uniqlo “UNIQLOCK” by Projector, Tokyo for online advertising and Apple for iMac and iPhone, making the company the biggest single winner of Black Pencils, with six won since 1999. London’s The Parnters also picked up a Black Pencil for “The National Gallery Grand Tour”, a poster campaign featuring life-size facsimiles of real paintings.

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