martedì 16 settembre 2008


Megunica means Mexico Guatemala Nicaragua Costa Rica Argentina. Megunica is the title of a short film presented on Saturday 13th in Milan. It tells of the journey through South America of filmmaker Lorenzo Fonda, together with the artist and animator Blu. Lorenzo Fonda aimed at understanding what kind of influence the places and the people they met would have on his art. Anything else has been improvised.
Blu is the author of some impressive animations and installations, like Muto


Produzione - Production: Mercurio Film
Produttore - Producer: Luca Fanfani, Francesco Pistorio
Sceneggiatura - Screenplay: Lorenzo Fonda
Montaggio - Editing: Fabio Capalbo
Fotografia - Cinematography: Lorenzo Fonda
Sound editor: TheTune
Musica - Music: Daniele Carmosino, Mario Mazzoli, Andres Reymondes, Lorenzo Magnaghi
Distribuzione - Distribution: Mercurio Film

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