venerdì 8 agosto 2008

08 - 08 - 2008, 8,08 PM

'To host the Olympic Games is a century-old dream of the Chinese nation and the shared aspiration of all the Chinese people', said President Hu Jintao here on Friday. The people of Tibet, the dissidents, the jailed and tortured don't agree. But today, august 8th 2008, Bejing time 8,08 pm, the China Olympic Games start.
Impossible is nothing.

Client: adidas
Title: Countdown
Agency: TBWA\\Shanghai
Production Company: Stink, London
Director: Ne-O
Agency: TBWA\\Shanghai
Director: Ne-o
Exec. Creative Director: Yang Yeo
Creative Director: Elvis Chau
Production Company: Stink, London
Agency producer: Diana Chew
Executive producer: Daniel Bergmann
Producer: Juliet Naylor
DOP: Mattias Montero
Post Production Supervisor: Diego Vasquez-Lozano

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