venerdì 1 agosto 2008


The Olympic Games haven't even started, and I'm already bored seeing ads about torture, killing, human rights and so on. In every blog I'm finding the same stuff. Ok, it's a big problem. But my impression is that advertising agencies and creative people are using this as an excuse to gain visibility and awards. This particular ad for Amnesty International is an old joke, seen hundreds of times in strips, gags and tv shows. Please, stop torturing us with this torturing ads.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Budapest, Hungary
Creative Group Head: Lukasz Brzozowski
Art Directors: Jorge Rodriguez & Nacho Forner
Copywriters: Kanak Mehra & Gabor Ferenczy
Illustrators: Benjamin Toth & Dora Katona
Account: Magdolna Rekasi & Andre Musalf

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