mercoledì 6 agosto 2008


10 cane is a rum made of virgin trinidadian sugar cane by Moet Hennessy.
The canes are traditionally harvested in group of 10.
Agency Mother is sending around a press release about their new 10 Cane films.

By this point in the history of the world we, as a people, have learned many things. One of these things is that 10 Cane is the world’s best rum. We have learned this through advertising, PR, print, word of mouth, word of bartender, word of friend, word of stranger and word of 10 Cane Super Premium Films. 
With the initial release of 10 Cane’s Super Premium Films three years ago, we learned how 10 Cane is made. It’s truly an amazing process that includes accordions, first press Trinidadian cane juice, love, three really cool dudes, and never under any circumstances molasses. Everyone walked away from these films much the wiser.
But there is much more to be learned.
With the latest edition of Super Premium Films, 10 Cane is now teaching us not how the rum is made, since they have already taught us this, but rather a glimpse into how 10 Cane is to be enjoyed when properly living the 10 Cane lifestyle. The films will make you laugh and they will make you cry. But mostly they will make you laugh because laughing is more fun than crying and rum is the most fun spirit around.

Client: 10 Cane
Agency: Mother, New York
Creative Director: Linus Karlsson,
Paul Malmstrom
Copywriter: Brandon Davis
Art Director: Piers North
Production Company: Greencard Pictures
Director: Linus Karlsson
Original Music: Jon Rekdal (JRIII)
Production Music: Kondor Music,
Extreme Music,
Music Orange
Audio Mixer: Stephane Guyot

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