mercoledì 16 aprile 2008


Coke zero has changed its creative strategy. They launched the new taste last year with the concept 'Life as it should be'. There is also a game on the we, Now they are airing these 'pulp' commercials, with talking tongues, fingers and brains. In Brazil they are running an 'extreme guerrilla' with people piercing their tongue and puttin the photos on Flickr. They give free tongue piercing's with the brand logo, the only thing they have to do afterwards is take a picture with their piercing. you can have a look at those pictures here:

Life as it should be

Tongues, eyes, brain, finger

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doriana ha detto...

"whipped cream or chocolate?" - fantastico!

L'idea del 2008, però, anche se nel contesto "cocacola zero" è più sensata e divertente, è già stata vista in Italia con lo spot del Croccantino 5 stelle Sammontana. Ecco il link:

sabrina ha detto...

molto bella!