martedì 29 marzo 2011


I rubamatic li abbiamo fatti tutti. Questo però è fatto solo con pezzi di spot Nike. Solo il testo è nuovo, ed è incastrato alla perfezione. Il risultato: brividi.

Don't tell us what we can't do.
Don't tell us not to dream big, fat, hairy, audacious, dreams.
Like making the world better through sport.
Sport is our passion. Sport inspires hope, instils discipline, reduces depression and disease.
Araises self confidence. Raises awareness.
Rallies communities. Defines nations. Defies gravity and denies prejudice.
Sport laughs in the face of racism and flicks a towel on sexism's ass and kick sand in the face of discrimination.
It makes neck hairs stand to attention
Hell, it's even been known to stop wars.
That's a pretty impressive resume.
Sport, you're hired.
We won't rest until every living breathing person on this planet has access to it.
We won't stop making the best gear to propel humanity forward,
without wrecking our global playground in the process.
We will do good with a vengeance.
And to all the cynics and the naysayers, we're going to make the world better for you anyway.
Because like sport, we don't discriminate.
We've made the world better
but we still want a better world.
Nike Better World.

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