mercoledì 11 febbraio 2009


Computer tan hoax fools 30,000 into seeing dangers of skin cancer
by Nikki Sandison, Brand Republic 05-Feb-09, 12:25
LONDON - A hoax website set up by McCann Erickson for skin cancer charity Skcin that promised people they could get regular tans from their computer using special technology has attracted 30,000 hits in the first 24 hours. McCann Erickson launched the campaign on behalf of Skcin to raise awareness of the growing threat of skin cancer. Using print and outdoor ads, street leafleting, PR and digital seeding McCann Erickson and Skcin launched a fake company called ComputerTan, offering people the chance to get regular top-up tans from the comfort of their office desk using "revolutionary new technology". continue

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Anonimo ha detto...

Bellissima idea, probabilmente ispirata dall'espressione idiomatica "computer tan", riferita al colorito pallido dei computer nerd. A volte basta giocare con le parole e spingere le convenzioni alle estreme conseguenze.