lunedì 11 maggio 2009


Certo, c'è una svolta piuttosto secca dal romanticismo all'hard, ma il concetto non è male. E c'è un lavoro pazzesco di esecuzione, tra l'origami e il 3d. 'After we were done creating rough animatics, we could start to fine tune our characters, as well as the different scenarios of the spot. Our final task was to blend all the scenes, camera tracks and sounds together.
All characters (Lincoln, Mao and the unknown lady) were created as 3D characters in Softimage XSI. Therefore, our designing team engaged in a lot of origami studying. To get used to the technique, we spent a lot of time with uncountable folding sessions. We took dollar and pound notes and folded Origami figures until our hands bled.' Andreas Pohl, Creative Director, Optix

Client: Bontrust Finance
Agency: Grabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbH
Creative Director: Fedja Kehl,
Paul von Mindahl
Production Company: Optix Kreation
Animation Director: Andreas Pohl
Art Director: Petra Delitsch
Lead 3D Artist: Markus Geerts
3D Artist: Michael Gottschalk,
Florian Weyh,
Marc Goecke

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